It’s no coincidence that Golf Links Community Clinic is home to many independent practices. We’ve worked hard to make our location attractive for our healthcare professionals. Here are a few of the amenities we think makes the clinic such a gem in Thunder Bay.


Golf Links Community Clinic is centrally located on Golf Links Road in Thunder Bay, about 500 metres from both main entrances to the Thunder Bay Regional Health Sciences Centre. Several healthcare professionals who work at the Health Sciences Centre but maintain offsite offices love the location because it’s so close. Also close by is LifeLabs for blood collection and other services, making it convenient for your clients and patients.

Set on 3.2 acres of green space, Golf Links Community Clinic’s natural setting is welcoming and inviting – and a great place to work. Patients and clients (not to mention you and your staff) can easily reach the Clinic by car (we have a dedicated onsite parking lot), by public transportation, and by foot or bike via the Recreational Trail that passes the front of the facility.

Spacious Offices

Golf Links Community Clinic offers modern, spacious practice offices which include exam rooms, a reception area, and in some cases additional amenities such as washrooms and kitchen facilities. These spaces are also adaptable to your needs – we will renovate to suit.

Easy Access for Clients

Golf Links Community Clinic is a one-storey building with the parking lot at ground level – there are no stairs anywhere in the building, and no need for an elevator. This makes access to and from your offices easier for clients and patients with reduced mobility.

Many Allied Health Professionals

Golf Links Community Clinic is home to many related health professions. Although each practice is independent, close proximity to other allied health professionals are a big plus for some practitioners who often refer patients to other services. (See our Directory for a listing of current health professionals practising at the Clinic.)